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Nonwovens Industry Article Link:

The 5 Fundamentals of Change

Whether you are looking for personal, business or cultural change there are 5 components of change that will consistently impact your ability to produce results: Vision, Skills, Incentive, Resources and Planning. Leaving any of these principles out will diminish or eliminate your chances of success and must be taken into consideration prior to beginning any new strategy. The only way to start to 'get real', to gain some traction, and to motivate yourself to move forward, to change and to grow is to evaluate these 5 criteria. So remember the equation of change. And remember that changing and growing is a natural part of life.


Maybe the most difficult of the 5 is vision. This takes imaginative thinking along with knowing not only where you want to go but where you are today. Many CEO’s of large companies fail with their strategies because of poor vision even before any of the other steps are implemented. On a personal level it becomes even more difficult as we tend to believe things like 'it's really not that bad,' 'other people have it much worse than me' or 'it's not really costing me much.' Change without vision will lead to confusion.


Having the correct skills to cause change is imperative to success. Consider someone who wants to improve his financial stability. If he knows nothing of stocks, bonds, real estate, savings or other investment instruments he will certainly struggle. Thankfully, there is a multitude of ways to improve your skills for a given vision, through education, clubs, support groups, faith based learning and self-help publications. Change without skills will undoubtedly lead to anxiety because of the inability to perform.


Without incentive change may or may not happen but even if it does it will be at a gradual pace. Whether the goal is monetary, life style or cultural no one will push for something different from the status quo without a reason they believe in. Incentives can be derived in many different ways such as improved health, improved emotional stability, improved quality of life or better financial stability or a stronger business model.


A great vision, the proper skills and a strong incentive are worthless without the resources to make it happen. This will lead to frustration which can easily undermine incentive. In order to impart change this must be taken into account and allowed for whether the resources are monetary, training, outside consulting/counselling or the tools to achieve your goal. Without the proper resources, it is very unlikely the change you want to impart will ever come to fruition.

Action Planr.

While change may be strategic, and after the first four components have been satisfied you still need a tactical plan to make change happen. A haphazard plan will not be targeted and easily lose its way as tangents gain strength causing a lack of focus and requiring you to begin the process again. Putting a plan down in writing with exact steps will ultimately be the only path to success.

In conclusion, the 5 core components of implementing change are the only way to create the desired effects which you are wanting. A solid, focused and determined plan that implements these 5 criteria are imperative to winning. Finally, solidifying and reinforcing the change once implemented will ensure there is not a return to old ways.

Jacob Holm to Acquire Sontara from DuPont

DuPont and Jacob Holm have signed a definitive agreement for Jacob Holm to acquire DuPont Protection Technologies’ Sontara business. The sale is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2014.

Sontara is a global nonwovens business that produces products used in a variety of medical and wipes applications. Jacob Holm is a leading company for spunlaced nonwoven fabrics.

“We are grateful to the current and past employees of Sontara for their contribution to DuPont over the last 40 years and we are pleased to see the business well-positioned for success in the future as part of Jacob Holm, a world-class organization dedicated to the nonwovens industry,” says Marc Doyle, president, DuPont Protection Technologies.

“The combination of Jacob Holm and Sontara complements two strong players and creates a new industry innovation leader for spunlaced nonwoven fabrics. The broader range of technology know-how results in higher innovation capabilities in product development and offers promising business opportunities to the benefit of our customers and our employees. We very much look forward to working with our new colleagues and partners who will undoubtedly contribute to the successful development of our group,” says Martin Mikkelsen, CEO of the Jacob Holm Group.

At closing, Jacob Holm will acquire Sontara assets at DuPont sites in Asturias, Spain; Old Hickory, TN, U.S.; and approximately 240 employees worldwide, primarily in Spain and the U.S. - See more at:

Nonwovens By Design Now a Member of INDA!

Butterfly Body Liners Wins Visionary Award.

Congratulations to Butterfly Body Liners in winning the Visionary Award at INDA's Vision Conference last week. They announced at the Conference they have signed an agreement with Walmart, so I wish them the best. I hope that soon we will see 2 new iterations: 1) a flushable version that meets the INDA Guidance Document version 3 and 2) a new product targeted toward men. Good luck!

Wipes to grow 4.3% in 2014 per the Freedonia Group.

Contact me to help you grow as well!

Nice article on wipes, but don't forget needlepunched nonwovens:

Needlepunch can offer many properties other platforms can't: heavier weights, wider variety of fibers and tactile properties, for instance.You can even design a 2 sided product with different engineered properties on either side. Needlepunch wipes are currently used extensively in institutional bathing systems, wet floor wipes, baby washcloths and cosmetic wipes, to name a few. These are easily designed to meet customers specific needs and typically can be made in smaller quantities than other technologies. Contact me to discuss.

Get SMART....Good advice from Jeffrey Gitomer: